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Death To Buckets

Fundraiser's "buckets" of donors are leaky. The last annual Fundraising Effectiveness Project found that 80% of first-time donors will not become second-time donors. Thirty-nine percent of multi-year donors won’t give again this year. And the recapture rate of these donors has fallen almost 40% in four years. At the current rate, our donor files will be halved in the next decade on average. Our buckets have too many how do fundraisers adapt?

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Case Studies

Is your fundraising relevant?

Donors give to causes close to their hearts.  If you can’t create a message that is relevant to each donor individually and their reason for giving, you will lose that donor to a cause that can.

SimioCloud can help.  Using the latest machine learning on vast consumer data sets, SimioCloud creates donor intelligence that engages donors and improves your fundraising across all channels.  You’ll be able to get the right message to the right person at the right time in the right channel.

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