Data Enhancement

Being relevant to donors doesn’t start with you; it starts with the donor.  Whether it’s a thank you call, a birthday card, or asking for the right amount for the right cause, you can build a deeper bond with your donors the more you know about them.

That’s why we offer a full suite of data enhancement products, including:

  • Demographics

  • Donor Lifestyle and Interests

  • Community Involvement Indicators

  • Online and Retail Purchasing Data

  • Phone Number Appends

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Donor File Modeling

The fundamental question for any fundraising or marketing campaign is “who should get this message?”.  Unfortunately, the standard tools for answering this question are the same ones we used when we were trying to land people on the moon.  If you believe that a donor changes fundamentally when their last gift was 12 months and one week ago, instead of 11 months and three weeks ago, these solutions are likely fine.  But if you want a better solution, read on.

RFM analysis – looking at someone’s recency, frequency, and monetary value of giving – was good enough as a proxy for whether someone would give again when it was all we had.  We have more now: behavioral data from a person’s interactions online, demographic data, survey data, and more.

All this, when combined with SimioCloud’s predictive modeling, can give you a more accurate picture of who will donate and who won’t.  You’ll save money, increase revenues, and use your donor’s time and attention for what matters to them.

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