The Client & Challenge

A humanitarian organization was looking for ways to scale its acquisition. They needed to find prospects who were more likely to donate than those from traditional co-ops.

Our Solution

From billions of transactional and non-transactional data points, SimioAudience provided 29% of the mail volume for the organization’s October 2020 acquisition campaign, more than any other model.

That Trust Paid Off

Showing no hint of diminishing marginal returns from providing the large chunk of prospect names, this 29% of the mail volume provided 32% of the total number of donors from the mailing and 36% of the total revenue. That’s because the SimioAudience Revenue Model outperformed the average response rate by 10% and the average gift by 11%. This test showed that the humanitarian organization involved in this case study could count on SimioAudience as a workhorse co-op in its mail acquisition.

Early returns from November acquisition are looking similarly promising.

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