Increase Your Donor Base

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker

It used to be that the best predictor of whether someone would donate to you was one factor, whether that was another organization’s list (list rental) or how much someone donates to other nonprofits (co-ops).

No longer.

The best names for you to acquire aren’t based on any one variable—it’s based on all variables.  That’s transactional, behavioral, demographic, personal, and more.  Any model that ignores whether someone has a connection to your cause, volunteers for you, or fits with your organization’s political leanings is missing out.  And if it’s going from yesterday’s data, today’s list will be diminished.

SimioAudience solves this by:

  • Using all data in its modeling

  • Improving every day by constantly improving its models and data
  • Knowing who’s who in its system rather than clumsy name or household matches

You deserve the next-generation co-op that will save you money and increase your results by helping you mail the right names, updated names, and most receptive names every time.

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Increase Donor Retention

It is far cheaper to keep a donor than to acquire one.  And the advantages of an increase in donor retention is more significant than any other change you can make because the advantages compound.  Filling a hole in your leaky bucket is a gift that keeps giving.

Increasing your relevance will increase your retention.  After all, when you can show a donor she had the impact that she wanted to have – the one that is close to her soul – how could she not want to have that impact, and that feeling, again?  But that feeling is so often lost in mass appeals.

SimioCloud can help.  Our machine learning systems can compile data to determine who will respond best to which message.  Further, it can tell you which donors are on their way out the door and what you can do to win them back.

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Increase Donor Value

Philanthropy in the United States is being ever more weighted toward the types of gifts that come from satisfied, loyal donors: major gifts, monthly gifts, and bequests.  These areas have all grown as transactional one-time gifts are stable or decline.

But who are the best candidates for a major donor program or a monthly giving upgrade?  SimioCloud can append data to your file that can tell you whether someone has the means to make a major gift.  But that’s just one data point – SimioCloud can also combine these data with behavioral, transactional, and attitudinal data to let you know who is most likely to become your next major, monthly, or planned donor.

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Understand Who Your Donors Are

When you market to a bucket of people with a name like “0-3 month, $25-$49, multi-donors,” that bucket will contain all types of people:

  • Different ages, genders, and racial and ethnic make-ups
  • Different histories with your organization like advocating or volunteers
  • Different income levels, wealth levels, and capacities to give
  • Different core reasons to give

In short, a one-size-fits-all fits no one. Almost everything you would want to know about a person to craft a message for them is obscured by this bucket.

SimioCloud can tell you each of these attributes for every donor, helping you understand who your donors are in aggregate. More than that, it also helps you craft a message that is tailored to each person based on your new, deeper understanding of who that donor is and why they give to you. These messages are more relevant to your donors and can’t help but be more effective as a result.

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Act Fast

In the digital realm, speed is common.  You sign up for an e-newsletter and you immediately get email confirmation and are often put into an automated welcome series of communications.

Non-digital channels are slower.  Part of that is the nature of the medium – mail takes longer to get there than email.  But a larger part of it is data – getting information from your online platform to your print vendor or telemarketer for follow up can be glacial, if it happens at all.

This is a pity because the likelihood of someone donating offline is significantly reduced every month after your initial communication.

What if offline were like online?  What if data could move instantly from interaction to print vendor, like it always should have?

SimioCloud can help.  Not only does it have predictive intelligence that can tell you how to best engage each constituent, but it also can coordinate directly with quick response printers.  They can be out with a customized message for each potential donor in a matter of days, not months.

This speed increases response rates.  It also makes new types of communications possible, like a coordinated online/offline welcome series or mail and phone-based follow-up to an online action.

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