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SimioCloud is an innovative platform that leverages vast consumer data with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive integrated fundraising and marketing program optimization and activation for nonprofits in real-time across all channels.

Let’s unpack that.

An innovative platform: As a cloud-based platform, SimioCloud hooks into your existing data systems. It then goes through an identity resolution process to figure out if the John Smith in one database is the same John Smith from your other database. From that, it gets a clear picture of each donor and potential donor across your existing systems.

Vast consumer data: SimioCloud has data on 250+ million American adults. Basically, if someone isn’t in a cave composing a manifesto right now, we have data about who they are: transactions (both for donations and commercial transactions), behaviors (online and offline), and demographics. Since all these factors impact who you are and why you give, they all provide insight into the giving process.

Latest machine learning and artificial intelligence: These aren’t in there because we wanted to throw in buzzwords (or we’d also mention “synergy” and “paradigms”). Rather, SimioCloud does use the latest AI tools to comb your data and these external data to find patterns. Do parents respond to different appeals for you than non-parents? If so, that has implications that ripple across who gets what message when.

Drive integrated fundraising and marketing program optimization and activation: Unlike your latest consultant, the insights that SimioCloud gleans don’t go into a binder onto a shelf. SimioCloud uses what it learns to recommend different, better audiences for each communication. It also indicates what message should go to each person.

For nonprofits: SimioCloud is for nonprofits. Big data solutions often think they can predict donor behavior just like they do consumer behaviors. What they find every time is that those behaviors are different. You can’t discount a donation or run coupons for them. Donors don’t get a tangible product at the end of their transaction. And buying a good and donating are often substitutes for each other, meaning that predicting a purchase can be the opposite of predicting a donation. So SimioCloud works only to predict donations and thus is good at it.

In real-time across all channels. We’ve talked about one-on-one marketing for decades. But customization is hard and, for the mail, slow. Until now. SimioCloud can not only push out real-time digital campaigns. Using Moore’s networked digital printers, it can also deploy customized mail pieces on the fly, getting them out the door in minutes, not months.

So what is SimioCloud? It’s a relevance machine. It gets the right message to the right person at the right time. Every time.

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