Washington, DC (February 17, 2022) – SimioCloud, a Moore company, announces the hiring of Matt Frattura as Chief Strategy Officer of SimioCloud. Frattura was previously EVP of Global Media, a Moore company.

Frattura has more than 15 years of media planning and buying experience, including at Data Axle where he led the Apogee multichannel cooperative database as chief strategy officer. Prior to Data Axle, Frattura served as director at Paradysz Matera.

“I’m pleased to have Matt Frattura join the growing SimioCloud team,” said Doug Kaczmarek, Chief Data Officer of Moore. “His expertise in data will help us deliver one-on-one marketing to donors and prospects across channels, which creates better constituent experiences.”

SimioCloud combines multiple capabilities into SimioCloud Connect, the only nonprofit-focused constituent data platform:
• SimioAudience to find new and emerging donors with the next generation co-op for donor acquisition
• SimioJourney to personalize the donor experience for journeys into mid-level, major, planned, or lapsing donors
• SimioOptimize to maximize your fundraising investment by finding over- and under-performing prospects and donors
• SimioEnhance to upgrade your donor knowledge with valuable appended data and contact information

Matt Frattura’s expertise will especially help nonprofits find and target audiences with addressable TV and targeted digital ads. He will help support the new media buying group at Moore.

“SimioCloud offers a unique approach to solving the challenges of modern direct response fundraising,” said Frattura. “Its unrivaled data-driven techniques have proven to be highly impactful to the organizations it serves. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

SimioCloud, a Moore company, combines hundreds of billions of data points with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve identifying donors and fundraising results. SimioCloud provides solutions for donor upgrades, donor data and insights, audience optimization and new donor acquisition. These solutions add up to create SimioCloud Connect, the nonprofit sector’s only omnichannel constituent data platform.