SimioCloud launches next generation cooperative database designed specifically for nonprofit fundraising

Cloud-based, SimioAudience provides nonprofits with new acquisition audiences unavailable through current co-ops.

WASHINGTON (Sept. 29, 2020) PR NewswireSimioCloud, a Moore company, announces the launch of SimioAudience, a next-generation cooperative database designed specifically for nonprofit fundraising. Combining uniquely sourced transactional and consumer data on more than 250 million U.S. adults, SimioAudience delivers accurate, real-time insights on nonprofit prospects.

Unlike traditional co-ops, SimioAudience can identify new audiences through integration of billions of data points from donor transactions, first-party online surveys, lifestyle data, demographics, consumer purchases and identity data into one seamless database. Cloud-based, SimioAudience connects directly with a nonprofit’s existing systems and provides an integrated picture of a nonprofit’s donors across all internal files through its unique identity resolution process. Then, using the latest machine learning techniques and state-of-the-art algorithms, SimioAudience’s predictive capabilities help nonprofits identify new donors based on a deeper understanding of the prospect and their motivations to support a nonprofit mission. All this comes together to make a co-op that goes deeper, learns more, and reacts faster to drive better results.

“As the nonprofit industry continues to grow, the need for new donors has never been greater,” said Gretchen Littlefield, chief executive officer of Moore. “SimioAudience identifies new and emerging donors using cloud-based processing, transactional data and machine learning technologies unlike any other data source. It’s truly the next generation co-op.”

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SimioAudience identifies new and emerging donors using cloud-based processing, transactional data and machine learning technologies unlike any other data source. It’s truly the next generation co-op.

Gretchen Littlefield, CEO, Moore

SimioAudience is one of several data products available through SimioCloud, Moore’s nonprofit marketing platform. It joins:

  • SimioJourney, which identifies both the hidden gems in a file who are likely to become mid-level, major, monthly, or planned giving donors and the donors who need a boost to re-engage with the organization.

  • SimioEnhance, which provides demographic, lifestyle, purchasing and contact information data on current donors to help address them as individuals and create better models.

  • SimioOptimize, which goes beyond RFM segmentation to find the donors who are most likely to respond to a communication versus those who would be a waste of money.

“SimioCloud is the comprehensive solution to acquire, retain and upgrade donors,” said Doug Kaczmarek, chief data officer of Moore. “We’re excited to bring the best data, identity resolution and algorithms to help nonprofits capture donors’ information and their hearts.”

To learn more about SimioAudience and receive a free consultation, click here.

About SimioCloud
SimioCloud, is a platform that combines hundreds of billions of data points with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve fundraising results. A Moore company, SimioCloud provides solutions for donor upgrades, donor data and insights, audience optimization, and new donor acquisition through the next generation co-op.


About Moore
Moore is a global leader in performance-driven marketing solutions focused on all facets of the consumer experience. Comprised of 35 companies with more than 2,600 employees, Moore is dedicated to helping clients fulfill their missions. The organization provides services including strategic consulting, creative development, media planning and buying, research and analytics, production management and product fulfillment, database services and public relations to nonprofit, association, commercial and government clients, and is a key contributor to strengthening these sectors.

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