SimioCloud Launches Constituent Data Platform Functionality

Company continues investment to find new and emerging donors by expanding SimioAudience

WASHINGTON (Oct. 1, 2021) PR NewswireSimioCloud, a Moore company, announces the launch of its constituent data platform (CDP) functionality, capable of identifying potential donors across platforms and devices to create personalized marketing solutions for nonprofits. Just one year after product launch, SimioAudience expands beyond mail for donor acquisition and retention.

SimioAudience is the fastest growing co-op in the industry and has proven successful at finding new and emerging donors by:

  • Refreshing data in real time through its cloud-based solution to provide nonprofits with the most up-to-date audiences.

  • Going beyond transactional data to include billions of behavioral, demographic and attitudinal data points to best predict donor behavior.
  • Using the latest machine-learning algorithms, replacing outdated statistical techniques.

This ongoing collection of data has resulted in improved mail acquisition results for nonprofits across all sectors and is now available on all channels.

SimioCloud is a one-of-a-kind CDP that allows our clients to efficiently model and target donors across every channel. Print is now a digital canvas; you can put as many variables on a sheet of paper as you can on a webpage. The combination of our digital presses and SimioCloud gives the marketer true one-to-one communication in direct mail, email and even connected TV.
Gretchen Littlefield, CEO, Moore

SimioAudience is one of four data solutions from SimioCloud for nonprofits. The others are:

  • SimioJourney, which identifies the ideal donor journey for each constituent, increasing donor satisfaction and helping nonprofits cultivate future monthly, mid-level, major, planned giving and donor-advised fund donors.
  • SimioEnhance, which provides actionable data to nonprofits for their constituents.
  • SimioOptimize, which provides rapid enhancement of prospect audiences, helping nonprofits invest wisely in the search for new donors.

Combined, these solutions create a constituent data platform that allows nonprofits to run customized, triggered and optimized campaigns across platforms.

“With SimioAudience, our clients can reach constituents through all direct channels, including mail, digital, connected TV and phone,” said Doug Kaczmarek, chief data officer at Moore. “Nonprofits can now market across channels seamlessly, meeting donors where they are with personalized fundraising solutions that will result in larger gifts and deeper relationships with the organizations.”

SimioCloud, launched in 2020, continues to grow and serve organizations by being the only CDP in the industry designed specifically for donor cultivation. To learn more about data solution services and how to grow a donor base as a nonprofit, contact us.

About SimioCloud
SimioCloud, a Moore company, is a constituent data platform that combines hundreds of billions of data points with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve identifying donors and fundraising results. SimioCloud provides solutions for donor upgrades, donor data and insights, audience optimization and new donor acquisition.

About Moore
Moore is a global leader in performance-driven marketing solutions focused on all facets of the consumer experience. With over 3,000 employees in 36 locations across the country, Moore is dedicated to helping clients fulfill their missions. The organization provides services including strategic consulting, creative development, media planning and buying, as well as research and analytics, production management and product fulfillment, database services and public relations to nonprofit, association, commercial and government clients and is a key contributor to strengthening these sectors.

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